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Australia University provides international students with free information about Australian Universities. Registered Australian University agents answer all your questions about the universities in Australia, help with the selection of uni courses, accommodations, visa and all the requirements to apply at a university in Australia. More about our free services ...


Our education agents are officially certified by the Australian universities to assist international students to study a suitable course at a university.

You don’t have to pay any fees to us. In fact, you don’t have to run from pillar to post to get a course and worry later whether it was the right one for you. Our free services include...

  • Discussions and advice on courses and universities
  • Visa norms and application procedure
  • Translation of various documents
  • Support services, such as tips on English learning or bridging courses
  • Information and references on post-study work options and internships

...And, any apprehensions you may have to comfortably enrol for higher education in the country.

For detailed free services that we offer…read on.

The Australian educational style is lively and interactive, and encourages individual thought and participation. Students are required to demonstrate their understanding and ability to apply learned concepts, rather than just memorise textbooks.  Likewise, they are also expected to actively contribute to class discussions and group activities.

University study in Australia is comprised of lectures and tutorials. Lectures may be attended by hundreds of students, while tutorials are usually made up of 30 students or less.

Your academic assessment will typically rely on one or more major assignment and one or more written exam. A percentage of your final grade will also be based on class participation and attendance. ... more 


Prospective students should seek advice from us about individual universities regarding the enrolment process. ... more


Australia has 39 universities; 37 of these are government-funded and two are privately funded. Australian universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs. ... more


Our team provides FREE services for prospective international students ... more


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